25,08 | 188,97 kn

We are committed to continuing to offer unusual underwater realism , navigation and brightness , thus achieving the closest resemblance to a live cuttlefish due to its unique movements and brightness , changing color under water, thanks to the system of fins and tentacles. that we have designed, studied and manufactured for it.

With the shape we have given it, it has spectacular hydrodynamics and even though it is of a considerable volume size, the fall to the bottom is very fast and the collection is very comfortable and light.

It is a specific lure for vertical fishing (Jigging), although it can also be used for trolling (Trolling).

It has more than a year of tests on its back with numerous catches of an infinity of species (predators such as samas, groupers, croakers, swordfish, tuna, bocinegros, dentex, pollock, sea bass, amberjack …).

You can capture both huge catches and smaller species, thanks to the attractive movement of its tentacles.

It is provided with a large main hook in the middle of the body with the option of mounting two assistant hooks hidden between the tentacles.

Available in weights 150g, 200g and 250g, it measures 215mm , this measurement being the same for all weights, and in 3 colors : fluorine pink, natural and pink sparkles.