The Penn Slammer III is a true saltwater fixed spool reel. The fully sealed body keeps water, salt and sand out of the reel and allows it to perform to the max no matter what the conditions
The sealed ‘Slammer’ Dura Drag system packs up to 40lb of pressure allowing you to tame the biggest of fish. As the Slammer is designed for blue water fishing there should be no fish which the Slammer cannot handle and you can also take it on foreign trips confident that it will be up to the task

We have categorized the Penn Slammer 3 Reels into a few separate categories from medium to extra large

MEDIUM SIZE REEL Models: 3500, 4500, 5500 – Suitable for medium-heavy inshore applications and light-medium offshore fishing . Fish them on a 10-12ft light surf rod for whiting, dart and more. Or use them on a short boat rod for snapper and other reef fish or on a light jigging rod.  Will also suit an 8-9ft general purpose spin rod.

LARGE SIZE REEL Models: 6500, 7500 – Best suited to a 10-15ft surf rod or a heavy boat rod. Suitable for rock, surf and boat fishing. We also have a high speed model (6500HS) ideal for spinning lures.

EXTRA LARGE SIZE Models: 8500, 9500, 10,500 – Ideally suited to 12ft+ size beach rods and extra heavy boat rods for bottom bashing and jigging. Best suited for beach and boat fishing. A high speed model is also available as the 8500HS model ideal for spinning with lures and retrieving your line quicker.